Peugeot 205 GTi-6PUG1OFF 205 195

205 GTi-6 Car Builds

At Pug1Off we are unique in our approach to 205 tuning and restoration, in particular the 205 195 as featured in Evo and TopGear magazines.

In this section we will detail each step of the process of building a 205 195 to top specification. Every customer has individual requirements therefore prices are not detailed as each package is tailor made. Please feel free to use this as a guide before you contact us. 


The aim of the 205 195 is to bring this legendary 80's hot hatch into the 21st century. The car features a 65-90 bhp increase over their stanadard derivatives, 6-speed gearbox, improved handling and weight distribution plus a greatly improved braking system. The attention to detail will give you the look and feel of a new car, like stepping back in time...only better!




The XU10J4RS 2.0 16v engine is taken from a Peugeot 306 Gti6/Rallye. In standard form it produces 167 bhp and can be rebuilt at this level or to our stage 2 package of 195 bhp. This stage offers performance camshafts, intake modifications, engine ECU remap and tubular exhaust manifold thus creating the best possible power gains without compromising reliability or drivability. We can also cater for the purist who would prefer to retain the factory 8v engine rebuilt or otherwise. Engine parts can be blast cleaned or painted as required. Other options include, stiffer engine mounts, bespoke exhaust systems, air cooled oil cooler plus lightweight rotating mass products.PUG1OFF 205 GTI6







The factory 1900 Gti driveshafts and front uprights are retained/renewed and a new 215mm OE clutch is fitted. There are many gearbox options from the factory 5-speed Gti to the highly recommended 6-speed BE3/6 taken again from the 306 PUG1OFF 6-SPEED BOX QUAIFEGti6/Rallye which can also be fitted with a shorter final drive ratio for improved acceleration and/or a Quaife ATB differential to give better traction and road holding. Selector bushes can be replaced with improved bronze bushes and linkage rods replaced with our uprated steel cup type linkages making for a more positive gear change. A simple short shift bolt-on is also available to reduce throw in the forward/backward direction.



PUG1OFF 205 REAR AXELSuspension 

Dampers can be replaced with Bilstein B6 for all types of road surface or group N for those seeking a firmer ride on smoother surfaces. Eibach springs are used to subtly drop the front end while a range of different sized rear torsion bars and anti-roll bars help to stiffen the rear to suit. 309 Gti front arms give an extra degree of camber at the frontPUG1OFF BILSTEIN and 306 rear arms can be fitted to give additional camber to the rear. We strongly recommend that all rear axles are fully rebuilt due to their age and the notoriety of rear radius arm bearing issues. We also tend to fit solid mounts at this stage giving greater feedback during lift-off over-steer.  






We would always recommend a disc rear axle from a 1.9 Gti however we are also able to convert 306 complete axles during the rebuild process to fit to the 205 body. At the front we fit 283mm brakes transplanted from the 307 or 206 180/RC which only just clear the standard 15" wheel well. Options at the stage include uprating friction materials to Tarox discs and Ferrodo racing pads, synthetic race fluid, our full length stainless steel braided lines and a 23.8mm master cylinder for reduced pedal travel.




PUG1OFF 205 BODYSHOPRestoration 

Our cars are fully stripped, professionally prepared and painted in an original colour of your choice including the engine bay and door shuts. Any surface rust is removed from the underbody and properly treated, sealed and black waxed to ensure longevity. Bumpers and wheel are trims can be renewed in either early dark grey finish or late black, red moulding inserts are replaced with genuine new parts. Headlights, indicators and front driving lamps can be replaced to freshen up the front end.

Wheels are acid dipped, blasted and powder coated and can be fitted with a tyre of your choice.PUG1OFF 205 UNDERSIDE

Interior seats can be re-trimmed and repaired to suit your requirements and carpets and interior plastics can be cleaned and repaired. We also have tailored floor & boot mats displaying the famous GTi logo.

 Mileage can be reset to zero if you wish, however we will stamp the service record showing the date and pug1off front endPUG10FF 205 BOOTmileage that this was carried out.





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